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SOMA is:

Stefan Emptage - vocals
Fergus Ellington - guitar/vocals
John Bassett - bass/vocals
Nick Kimber - drums


released June 25, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Guy Forrester at Linden Studios, Coatflatt, Tebay, Cumbria on 18th and 21st June 2016.




SOMA Lancaster, UK

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Track Name: Beaten Track
Lightning cracks and in your mind, as you're seeing out in red,
You sold your soul at market price, another bottle to drown your head,
Flashback and another lack of faithful words to say,
Empty thoughts and empty words as the time starts to sink away,

Voicing views I know, but you know they’ll fight,
Writing the end, omit for yourself
It’s “history” I know, but you know your right,
Fighting in the end, for yourself

Backlash and I see your past, another way to disengage,
Cold eyes and twitchy mind, and I think I’ve got your game,
Another trap and I’m coming back, through misty eyed rain,
Calling out in a faded room, when theres nothing left to gain
Track Name: Hostage
Picture perfect thoughts in your brain stem, my own mind is flooded with the flotsam, fight on backwards and upwards in your mind
soaked in lies committed by writers, paid by the men who think themselves the founders, Suffocating, spewing, coughing up the lies

Shifting eyes that land, spitting a web of distant hands,
Miles and miles away, held hostage in the sand,
I got two words, that’ll cut you where you stand,
when leaders meet their makers and the truth is in demand

Footsteps made of glass and broken meanings, snake-like smiles and cutthroat meetings, fight on backwards and upwards in your mind
Reality’s made of different seasons, pseudo truths and broken double meanings, Suffocating, spewing, coughing up the lies
Track Name: Unauthorised Biography
You're running far away, with a world between your arms,
My own mind swayed, by the words of paradigms
A reason to go away, another lie it took,
Another escape, from emptiness

A set back
Changing all the time but I know it’s you,
Making a change within yourself,
Best intentions
Finding something more, but I don’t get it right,
A let down
And the past in the end comes into view

Staying positive, when things around you aren’t
A work in progress, stop changing things I can't
I realised nothing matters at all, let it all go
Take responsibility, don’t try to compare

A set back
Changing all the time but I know it’s you,
But its ok
Making a change within yourself,
Finding something more, but I don’t get it right,
Won't let you down
An experience to learn through
Track Name: Backlash
I see the writing on the writing on the wall,
Another building block to build another wall,
There are lies in times and words that fit, to break and contradict
Another backlash to an ancient time, were trust was a prerequisite.

You got an ending,
In your way
You're fighting back to
Have your say
You got an ending,
in your mind
No anticipation of what you would find

And now you're turning to, your faded mind,
I got an ending to, an ending to define
You never get it wrong and its all fine, but you're lying to yourself.
There will be no repercussions but you’re lying to yourself.
Track Name: Shadows In Your Step
Cutthroat lies and broken minds play
What do I know
Me around, leaving me out of place
Another flash to the past
Watching a mind in decay
Nothing I can do, You're fading away

It's coming up to you, there are shadows in your step
It’s another thing to lose, as your thoughts break out in misssteps
It’s coming back to you, and I can’t cut loose,
Another thought you split up in two

There’s a lifeline in your voice and in your head
What do I know
Trying to break the lies to yourself you kept
But it won’t work
Fighting me away, I know you're wrong
What do I know, You're fading away